SPS Lycoming Chapter History

Our Chapter of SPS was installed in 1968 and Sigma Pi Sigma was installed in 1973 by Dr. Marsh White. Our first advisor, Dr. Mort Fineman, held the position for eight years, yielding to Dr. William Keig in 1981. Dr. Kulp took over from 2009-2016. Ms. Lauren Balliet advised us from 2019-2022. Dr. David Fisher advised our chapter for almost thirty years, 1989-2009, 2016-2019, and 2022. Mrs. Melissa Kiehl is our current advisor.

Since the installation of our chapter, several of our members and faculty received awards from SPS national, and we attended various trips to national laboratories and physics conferences. Our Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter has inducted 180 people, including thirteen faculty members (Fineman, Jamison, Smith, Erickson, Radspinner, Keig, Fisher, Wolf, Desilva, Kulp, Mahler, Brandon, and Shuch). We have enjoyed over 50 years of activity and are looking forward for more. To learn more about SPS, visit the SPS national website.